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Labor Market Regulatory Authority



LMRA(Labor Market Regulatory Authority)


The expatriate employees can check and look over the work permit application status. They can also check the legal status, durability, and validity of work permits in the kingdom of Bahrain. The Labour Market Regulatory Authority service in Bahrain embraces the set of fundamental values.

In this regard, the expatriate employee can check the applicable legal and validity status through the LMRA portal by using information like their personal number, work permit number, application ID number, or passport number.

At Al-Nissa support and services in Bahrain, our professionals are proficient at assisting you with all of your LMRA operations.

Labor Market Regulatory Authority

Who has access to LMRA portal services?

The Labor Market Regulatory Authority in Bahrain is a legally defined authority that has its own principles, values, and codes to operate under the Ministry of Labor in Bahrain.

You’re eligible to access the LMRA portal services, if you are:

Al Nissa Consultancy Services

Visa Processing

If the submitted documents are clear and requirements are fulfilled then the process takes just 1-10 business days in Bahrain.

Offense Removal

This process requires the documents like a copy of the owner’s CR certificate and a copy of the electricity bill. 


We can assist you to make a request for increasing the ceiling number of work permits as required for an establishment.

Address Update

Our experts can guide you update the CR unit details. Also, you can update the email address for this purpose online.

Labor Market Regulatory Authority

How we can assist you in LMRA services in Bahrain


As Labor Market Regulatory Authority(LMRA) under the administration of the Ministry of Labor in Bahrain, is defined as a legal authority. The LMRA ex-pat management system deals with the procedures and issues of visas before the ex-pat arrives in the country. 

Our professionals at Al-Nissa can handle all of your LMRA operations, in an effective manner. We can proficiently assist you with Visa Processing, Offense Removal, and Ceiling and Address Update.

We provide you LMRA services for:

Reduction in Labor Disputes
Ensuring improvement 
Labor Rights Clarity
Social Responsibility


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