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Central Population Registry



Central Population Registry in Bahrain


Bahrain is one of the first middle eastern countries to issue single personal identification cards for all the residents. But now CPR is up-scaling to smart cards.

The predominant central registry card in Bahrain is used to meet many purposes. The residents who want to have another card, reestablish the central population registry, and want smart card issuance can all be catered online.

Let us do this practical process for you.

Central Population Registry

Online Renewal CPR services in Bahrain.

Our experts can guide you to get through the online procedure of CPR renewal promptly. So if you want a smart card, you can simply go through the national gateway and book an online payment.

Al Nissa Consultancy Services
Al Nissa Consultancy Services

Central Population Registry

Our Legal Services of CPR in Bahrain 


We at Al-Nissa support and services are renowned to help you with CPR services provided by the Bahraini Government. We can help you with services like issuance of an identity card if you have Bahrain’s Citizenship.
We are obliged to serve every Bahraini and Non-Bahraini in the kingdom of Bahrain. If you have lost or damaged your identity card and want a new one, we can make the process easy for you.

The key services that we provide are:

Update Address Services 
Expat Worker Services
Issuance of ID card services
Fast Track lineServices


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