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CR Services in Bahrain

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CR Services in Bahrain

CR Bahrain

We offer you the best CR services in Bahrain that allow employers and investors to acquire commercial registration. It also enables them to submit a new CR request, and amendments in CR, renew their commercial registration, and further guidance related to agencies in the kingdom of Bahrain.

It’s actually an easy process and we can solely do it for you.


Categories of Commercial Registration in Bahrain

In the kingdom of Bahrain, there are 3 categories of commercial registration, that an employer can go for based on his/her requirements.

The categories for different commercial registration include:

Al Nissa Consultancy Services

Single-Person Company in Bahrain

It must include one authorized person as a director with 100% shares. This type of CR should end with SPC.

Bahrain Shareholding Company

A minimum of 50% of the capital be paid at the start of incorporation. It may restrain the investors to discard their shares.

Authorized person in CR Bahrain

As per the discretion of the owner, the director or authorized person could be any individual should be appointed by him. 

With Limited Liability Company in Bahrain

A WLL commercial registration in Bahrain, requires two or more individuals, at least two partners, or individuals of two companies.


Why business set up in Bahrain?

CR Bahrain

We have probably the most proficient and professional team that helps you with business setup in Bahrain. Our firm, Al Nissa business support offers CR services in Bahrain services in an effective manner following the rules and regulations.

The quick response from our company is a quick resolution to all your problems. Our diverse and qualified team has become a key factor in the client’s success and our success as well.

The key elements that make our foundation strong are:

Quick Response
One Point Solutions
Highly Qualified and Creative Team
Analysis and Understanding of Client’s Need


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With 5 years of worthy experience, our firm is obliged to serve you to foster technological innovation and business goals, in the kingdom of Bahrain.

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