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PRO Services in Bahrain

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Take your business to advanced level with our PRO Services in Bahrain

Pro Services

We are obliged to serve you following your organization’s needs. In the kingdom of Bahrain,  Al-Nissa support and services provide consulting services that include identifying the problem and recommending appropriate actions for it.
Our firm not only provides general consultancy services in Bahrain rather we encompass a broad range of Pro- Services. Our exceptional PRO-Services in Bahrain will cooperate more efficiently in your Business journey.
We are tailored to meet the client’s needs. Our Public Relations Officer Services lead to greater customization of services and end with high quality.


Provide Exclusive Services

Pro Services

CR Bahrain

We offer you the services that allow employers and investors to acquire commercial registrations (CR) in Bahrain following regulations.

CR Renewal

We offer you assistance through which CR owners can renew their commercial registration license in Bahrain for every business.

ESR Bahrain

We help you to get together a list of ex-pat business ideas through ESR in Bahrain to start your own business venture.

Amendments in CR

We offer reliable services in Bahrain for making amendments to any company’s CR for a particular duration of time.

VAT Registration

Our firm offers you the services by which a taxable entity can easily apply for VAT in Bahrain Registration.

VAT Submission

We offer our clients to submit their VAT returns under e-services through the online portal of NBR(National Bureau Revenue).

Dependent Visa

We offer you services through which an expatriate employee can make requests, and check the application and legal status. 

Bahrain Work Visa

We help you with services to acquire a work visa in Bahrain offered by companies to foreign employees there.

Investor Visa Bahrain

We can lead you to undergo the process of an Investor visa or Businessman visa in Bahrain from its initial method to approval.


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With 5 years of worthy experience, our firm is obliged to serve you to foster technological innovation and business goals, in the kingdom of Bahrain.

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